There have been plans made before for health services in the West of Glasgow. They have focused on transferring the Western Infirmary and its services to Gartnavel to end the unsatisfactory arrangements in which care for many patients was split across both the Western Infirmary and Gartnavel sites. Too often patients have been shuttled by ambulance between the two hospitals at particularly difficult times in their treatment. Another aim has been to modernise the facilities at the Beatson Oncology Centre (the West of Scotland Cancer Centre).

These proposals have now been re-examined by the North Glasgow Trust as part of the wider plan to Modernise Glasgow’s Hospitals. Other elements of this plan include:

The Plan recognises that money for capital investment is not available in unlimited supply. This means that we have to make best use of existing modern facilities until we can complete the full Glasgow plan over a ten to twelve year period.

New Plan

Gartnavel General Hospital would be the in-patient centre for West Glasgow for General Medicine and General Surgery as well as for a range of other specialties. The hospital will also have a service for people to go to when they have minor injuries. It will continue to deal with medical and surgical emergencies and will provide a full range of out-patient clinics and day surgery.

The Western Infirmary will provide an in-patient and out-patient centre for the Beatson Oncology Centre and a single cardiothoracic service (heart and chest surgery) for the West of Scotland as a way of strengthening those services as early as possible. These services will also move to Gartnavel later as a further part of implementing the plan to Modernise Glasgow’s Hospitals.

Gartnavel General Hospital

Moving services from the Western Infirmary to Gartnavel will improve accessibility for a much wider population. People living in Clydebank, Drumchapel, Knightswood, Scotstoun, Yoker and surrounding areas will be much closer to hospital services for General Surgery and General Medicine. They will also have for the first time a service for minor injuries closer at hand. This will be like the Casualty Department which has operated at Stobhill for years and is very well regarded by its local population.

People in the Hillhead and Partick areas who are closer to the present Western Infirmary will have the choice of going either to Gartnavel or through the Clyde Tunnel to the Southern General.

This plan requires capital investment to improve emergency receiving and ambulatory care facilities at Gartnavel. We aim to have these facilities in place by 2004/05 at the latest.

This will build on a heavy programme of investment which has already taken place at Gartnavel in recent years.

Western Infirmary Site

The specialist cancer and cardiothoracic units created at the Western Infirmary site will be housed in the modern facilities of the Phase 1 block. The transfer of the other services to Gartnavel means that other buildings can be vacated. This will generally ease the congestion on a cramped site.

Capital investment will be required to provide modern imaging facilities for both the specialist units. We aim to achieve this by 2005.

West Glasgow

The effect of these proposals means that health services throughout the Board’s area will be working in partnership with various sites offering different specialist in-patient services. They will complement one another. Not all sites will be trying to do everything. But all sites will provide local access to the out-patient, x-ray, physiotherapy and minor injury services that add up to the great majority of most people’s use of hospital services. (In addition Gartnavel, Stobhill and the Victoria Infirmary will be the major providers of day surgery).

As a result of these proposed changes:

Next Stage

These proposals ensure significant improvements to the service to patients in West Glasgow while further plans are finalised. In particular, planning will need to continue for the integration of the Beatson Oncology Centre and cardiothoracic services on the larger hospital site at Gartnavel. The existing programme of expanding and modernising linear accelerator capacity at Gartnavel will ensure that this takes place.

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