Modernising Glasgow's Acute Hospital Services

Decisions Made At Jan '02 Board Meeting

See also: Jan '02 Board Paper & Meeting Minutes for Jan '02

Decision 1

A clinical Strategy based on retaining adult acute services on 5 sites with three adult in-patient hospitals (at Glasgow Royal Infirmary, Gartnavel General Hospital and South Glasgow, either at Southern General or Cowglen site), supported by two ambulatory care hospitals (located at Stobhill Hospital and the Victoria Infirmary) be approved .

Decision 2

Approved the setting up of a Joint Planning Team with the North Glasgow Trust and the Consultants at Stobhill to agree how core medical and surgical services services can be sustained at Stobhill during the period prior to centralisation at Glasgow Royal Infirmary and Gartnavel General Hospital. The Director of Public Health will be a member of that group.

Decision 3

We maintained the working hypothesis that the provision of Accident and Emergency (A&E) and Trauma Care from 2 fully resourced A&E centres located in the north-east and south Glasgow, working with an Emergency Receiving Unit in west Glasgow is the appropriate basis for the future delivery of A&E care, subject to further work to be completed under the auspices of the A&E Steering Group which will be reported back to the NHS Board for consideration.

Decision 4

That the status report on the bed modelling be noted and that the model be 'frozen' to allow the detailed costing of options to be completed.

The Bed Modelling Steering Group continue to develop an agreed planning framework for forecasting future bed numbers as part of the Business Cases for the provision of new Hospital facilities and report back to the Board on an annual basis on its work.

The outcome of the next meeting of the Bed Modelling Steering Group be reported back to the Board for consideration.

Decision 5

That a detailed paper be brought back to the Board in March 2002 setting proposals for the proposed distribution of clinical specialities for North/East Glasgow and be the subject of public consultation.

That Board officers describe the public consultations proposals for this issue in light of the recent national guidance on Public Involvement for discussion and approval of the Board.

Decision 6

That Glasgow Royal Infirmary would be the in-patient hospital, with ambulatory care facilities and Minor Injuries Unit at Stobhill Hospital. The Western Infirmary would close ( as agreed by the then Secretary of State in 1996) and Gartnavel General Hospital would become the in-patient site with both core and specialist services and would include a Minor Injuries Unit , with the outcome of the A&E Steering Group recommendations determining the nature and pattern of Emergency Receiving services. This option would be carried forward for further consideration under the affordability considerations of the Strategy.

Decision 7

The Southern General Hospital and the "Cowglen" options would be carried forward for consideration under the affordability work to be completed and reported back to the Board.

Decision 8

That the options highlighted in Decisions 6 and 7 be carried forward to be considered in the more detailed option appraisal, as part of the Outline Business case.

Decision 9

A full report be further submitted to the Board on the affordability framework and working assumptions for the Acute Services Strategy for members consideration and approval.

Decision 10

That the outcome of the Board's deliberations ( and previous papers) be submitted to the Scottish Executive Health Department for approval on the overall direction of the Acute Services strategy.


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