ERRATUM of Report on the First Phase of Public Consultation

on the Future of Acute Hospital Services


On page 63, in the Southside decision matrix, against criterion 18 there is an inconsistency in the amounts identified as capital expenditure on new buildings at the Southern General Hospital. One column refers to 41 million spent and one to 33 million.

The figure in each of the two columns should be the same - i.e. 33 million, made up of:


Oral/maxillo facial and ENT units 11

Spinal injuries unit 9

Westmarc (artificial limbs & wheelchair service) 5

A&E and Out-Patient Department 4

Podiatry Department (foot care) 2

Physically Disabled Rehabilitation Unit 2



It is also the case that 12 million is currently being spent to build a unit for care of the elderly (through Private Finance Initiative). This was originally included in the first column (and with an uncorrected typing error the overall total was shown as 41 million rather than 45 million). However the nature of the PFI agreement is that it cannot be relinquished even if the Southern General closed and would have to continue in use. It was therefore removed from the overall total, resulting in a total of 33 million being a true "sunk cost" penalty of walking away from recent significant capital investment, This correction was made in the right hand column, should have been made also in the left hand column but was overlooked in the final rush to get the Board agenda paper finalised.