As of 14th March 2001 Greater Glasgow NHS Board was granted approval by the Scottish Executive to take the acute hospital services review to the next level; the development of ‘Outline Business Cases’.

The Scottish Executive now anticipates that GGNHSB will implement the measures outlined in the Board papers of December 2000 and January and February 2001 (which see) and proceed to Outline Business Cases for South, West and North East Glasgow by the autumn of 2001. In respect of South and NE Glasgow this will include an ‘Option Appraisal Process’ that will test the merits and demerits of different sites and service combinations against the others. This process is to be overseen and interrogated by Reference Groups which will include local health council, MSP and community representation.

In his letter, Trevor Jones of the Scottish Executive states that, "I would stress the importance of continuing with the option appraisal work already underway on service configuration in the North and South of the City. The Executive regards it as particularly important that the Health Board continues to take an inclusive approach to decision-making in consultation with the major stakeholders, including the public."

Progress is now being made in assembling Reference Groups and further details will be announced shortly.

March 2001

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