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Tuesday, 4th April 2000



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To note the progress made so far as we enter the period of consultation on the Board’s plans to Modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services.


The Board, in March 2000, approved for consultation to 30th June 2000 the portfolio of information (Consultation Document, Summary Leaflet and 21 specific leaflets) to be issued to all consultees setting out proposals to modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services.

Steps taken since March Board

a) Consultation Document

This has been amended to take account of the comments raised at the March Board meeting relating to ensuring consistency of approach with the setting out presentationally the proposals for the South; explaining that the North Glasgow Trust will be consulting in relation to the Board approving an Outline business Case for a new Ambulatory Care Centre at Stobhilll Hospital and lastly, some minor presentational issues.

2,500 copies have been run off and a covering letter prepared to consultees encouraging active debate on our proposals.

b) Summary Leaflet (to be attached)

Finalised and 500,000 copies have been printed. Scotmail will deliver a copy to each householder in the Board’s area (403,000 copies) during week commencing 3rd April. The remaining copies will be made available at all public meetings; libraries; dentists’, opticians’, pharmacists’ and GP premises; as part of the consultation pack and to those who request a copy via our offices, website or telephone enquiry line.

The leaflet is being translated into Punjabi, Urdu and Chinese and distributed via the Community Relations Council and to other groups. 20 tapes are being made for those who wish to hear of our proposals.

Unfortunately, an Erratum has had to be added to point out that on page 15 – Leaflet Request Form – No. 16 should read "Detailed Analysis of the Options for South Glasgow" (and not North Glasgow). The reasons for this late error are being discussed with the designers.

c) 21 Supporting Leaflets

19 leaflets have been completed and have been designed and are now with the printers. 2 leaflets – "Detailed Analysis of the Options for South Glasgow" and "The Number of Beds we propose to Provide" have just been finalised and are now being passed to the designers and then printers.

It is hoped that the completed 21 leaflets will be available at the meeting - all written in jargon-free, plain English with a consistency of style throughout them, the Summary Leaflet and Consultation Document.

d) Consultation

The portfolio of documents will be sent out to all consultees as shown in the attachment and to all those who request a copy (as well as being available on our website). This process will be underway by the Finance meeting on 4th April.

e) Launch/Briefings

4 launch briefings have been offered:

i) 21st March 2000 – NHS family, plus MSPs and media (programme attached).

ii) 22nd March 2000 – Greater Glasgow Partnership Forum and Professional Advisory Committees.

iii) 28th March – Local Authorities, SIPs and Community Councils.

iv) 31st March – Universities, LHCCs, Royal Colleges, voluntary organisations.

Attendance at the first three were slightly disappointing, although over 150 invitations were sent for each: some attendees experienced late notification of the events pertinent to them.

f) MSPs Briefings

3 dates were offered – 24th March, 31st March and 3rd April. About 16 MSPs are likely to have attended over the three dates.

A separate briefing for MPs has been offered (afternoon of 31st March). At the time of writing a response to this offer is still awaited.

g) Programme of Meetings

This will be tabled at the meeting setting out the first set of public meetings arranged. They will be advertised in local libraries, newspapers and community halls etc.

1,000 posters have been ordered and visual displays/back-drops have been purchased.

Specific meetings have been offered to the Scottish Ambulance Service, City Council and East Dunbartonshire. Requests to attend meetings are likely to be received from the Presbytery and other groups interested in health matters.

Staff briefings have been held by all Trusts and GGNHSB staff will be offered briefings in early April.

h) Website

Partially launched – 20th March 2000 (full launch – 3rd April).

i) Telephone enquiry Line – 0800 85 85 85

Launch – 3rd April via Network Scotland.

The Head of Corporate Services and Press Office will be briefing the telephone operators on the afternoon of 30th March 2000.

Proposals to hold Citizen’s Juries and Round Table Workshops during May are being considered.


The media has been favourable to far, although the Yorkhill issue is becoming a major issue in local papers and Scottish Parliament. Petitioning of Parliament on this issue is likely and Yorkhill features in Parliamentary Question Time on 30th March.

The Chief Executive will appear at a People’s Jury event on 6th April in a round table discussion on the Board’s plan to modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services, set in the context of Glasgow’s problems of poor health status.

Proposals to extend the brief we have with PR Consultants, Shandwick, are being considered. Their contract currently expires after 31st March 2000.

Next Steps

We need to be prepared to be able to respond to many requests for information, offer rationale behind our proposals and respond to media comments/interviews. We intend to produce a fortnightly leaflet on current issues, hot topics and use this as a means to respond to such issues as we go through the process. The leaflets would be made available to MSPs, LHC, staff and other interested bodies.


Board Members will receive regular updates on the progress and main issues during the consultation period (and beyond).

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