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Tuesday, 16 May 2000

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The Board is asked to note the up-to-date position with regard to the consultation process on the plans to Modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services. In particular the requests for an extended period of consultation need to be considered (see section 3).

1. Background

The Board at its meeting on 21st March 2000 approved the documentation for consultation to 30th June 2000 on the plans to Modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services.

The Board received a progress report on the consultation at its April meeting.

2. Summary Leaflet

At that meeting the Convener of the Local Health Council raised concerns about the distribution of the Summary Leaflet.

The Summary Leaflet had been passed to a distributor for delivery to all households within the Greater Glasgow NHS Board area, commencing from the week beginning 3rd April. The distributors confirmed that delivery of the leaflets had been completed by 14th April (a slight delay of a few days from the original timescale due to the need to add an Erratum to each leaflet).

During the distribution period, one or two issues were raised with the distributors in relation to specific problems – for example, not all leaflets delivered to all doors in a particular block of flats and the erratum slip missing from one batch of leaflets. The distributors investigated and put right as best as possible the issues as and when they were raised with them.

As a result of the Convener of the Local Health Council’s comments at the April Board meeting, the Press Officer contacted the four Trusts and asked that they conduct a survey of staff (the Health Board staff were also contacted) asking if they had received the Summary Leaflet at home.

The initial indications were that the distribution of the leaflets was not as comprehensive as we would have liked – no one G postcode area had been missed but a small percentage of people appear to have been missed in a fair number of Glasgow postcodes.

The Head of Board Administration met the Sales Director of the distributors on 3rd May to discuss the initial findings and to seek an explanation for this apparent rather patchy pattern of distribution. The distributor was confident that most areas were covered although 100% delivery was unlikely to be achieved. They have asked that the Health Board complete the collation of the survey of all of the Board and Trusts’ staff and share it with them. They have agreed to distribute the leaflets to areas we identify where distribution appears not to have taken place.

A second meeting will take place with the distributors later on in the month to further discuss this issue.

3. Newsletter

The second Newsletter is here and this sets out the most recent issues raised during the consultation – in particular, Transport and the requests to extend the consultation period beyond 30th June 2000. The Board needs to reflect again on the requests for extension of the consultation period.

There have been some constructive criticisms of the format for public meetings and in the next few days Health Board and Trust Chief Executives are meeting to review the lessons to be learned.


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