Meeting of the Board


Tuesday, 18 April 2000

Paper No. 00/



The Board is asked to note the up-to-date position with regard to consulting on the plans to Modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services.


The Board, at its meeting on 21st March 2000, approved the documentation for consultation to 30th June 2000 on the plans to Modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services.

The Consultation Paper, Summary Leaflet and the 21 specific leaflets have been issued to our consultees and made available to those who request them.


The Board’s website was fully launched on 3rd April and has all the aforementioned documentation. It also has the updated list of public meetings and the site will be updated continually to take account of issues raised.

Telephone Enquiry Line

The telephone enquiry line (0800 85 85 85) was launched on 3rd April and a steady flow of calls are being received – mainly requesting specific leaflets or the full consultation paper.

Summary Leaflet

The Summary Leaflet has now been delivered to all households in the Board’s area.


There have been four briefings/presentations to launch our proposals – all held at the Lecture Theatre, North Glasgow University Hospitals NHS Trust Offices, Stobhill Hospital.

MSPs Briefings

The following MSPs have attended the various different briefings which have been offered:-

Des McNulty
Sam Galbraith
Ross Finnie
Fiona McLeod
Mike Watson
Johan Lamont
Cathy Craigie
Margaret Curran
Janice Hughes
Dorothy Grace-Elder
Paul Martin
Sandra White
Robert Brown
John Young
Nicola Sturgeon
Margaret Jamieson
Bill Aitken
Lyndsay McIntosh
Ken McIntosh

Public Meetings

Attached is the current list of public meetings which have been arranged by the Trusts – adverts have appeared in the key local papers and two national papers. The Programme of Meetings was also enclosed with the consultation pack sent to consultees. The Board will be arranging separate meetings with the Local Health Council, Glasgow City Council, East Dunbartonshire Council, and Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive.


We plan to issue a fortnightly newsletter during the consultation period – the first edition will be issued with the "To Follow" papers. It covers the main issues raised with us in various forms already. Its distribution will include MSPs, Local Health Council, Local Authorities, Trusts, Local Health Care Co-operatives and consultees.


Plans are being considered to hold a Citizens Jury and Round-Table Workshops.


The Board is asked to note the up-to-date position with regard to the consultation on Modernising Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services.

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