Greater Glasgow NHS Board

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Tuesday, 20th June 2000

Paper No. 00/72




The Board is asked to note the up-to-date position with regard to the consultation process on the plans to Modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services.

1. Background

The Board at its meeting on 21st March 2000 approved the documentation for consultation on the plans to Modernise Glasgow’s Acute Hospital Services. At its May meeting the Board agreed to extend the consultation period from 30th June to 8th September 2000 and this has been communicated to all consultees, highlighted in letters responding to comments received on the consultation process and included within the Board’s website.

2. Responses

Since the consultation document was launched there have been about 65 to 70 responses – some seeking further information or commenting specifically on some of the statements contained within the leaflets. The Chief Executive and Head of Board Administration have been working towards ensuring that every response received is replied to and thereafter included in the database for inclusion in the paper to the Board in September on the Outcome of Consultation.

3. Main Themes

The main themes in the comments received to date have related to the Board’s proposals for the Southside – it is becoming clear that there seems to be a fairly widespread acceptance of the need to create a single in-patient hospital service for the Southside to integrate the two separate existing services; Yorkhill – whether this should be retained on its existing site or follow the Board’s proposal to re-locate it in the Southside; the ACAD proposals for Stobhill and the Victoria Infirmary and specific issues around the services provided; Trauma (A&E) – including the services to be provided from the Minor Injuries Unit and, lastly, the transport issues which have also highlighted dissatisfaction with the current pattern.

4. Public Meetings

Up to 35 public meetings have now been held across the Greater Glasgow NHS Board area and organised by the North Trust, South Trust and Yorkhill Trust. Attendance at these meetings has been variable (a handful to up to 200). The majority of meetings have had a good to healthy attendance and the debate has been informed and rigorous. At the time of writing this paper the following meetings remain:

Thursday, 15th June

Cranhill Parish Church

7.00-9.00 pm

Monday, 19th June

Mosspark Labour Hall, Mosspark

7.00-9.00 pm

Monday, 19th June

Clydebank Town Hall, Dumbarton Road

1.00-2.30 pm (organised by the Yorkhill NHS Trust)

Detailed below are two public meetings which the Local Health Council have arranged:

Tuesday, 20th June

Quality Central Hotel, Gordon Street, Glasgow

7.00-9.00 pm

Monday, 26th June

Holyrood Secondary School, Dixon Road, Glasgow

7.00-9.00 pm

Each public meeting will be written up and presented to the Board at its September meeting as it forms part of the outcome of the consultation process. Officers from the Health Board and Trusts are now considering proposals to hold up to three Round Table Workshops during the course of August and details of these will be communicated at a later date.

5. Summary Leaflet

At the May Board meeting there was an update on the meetings between the Head of Board Administration and the distributor of the summary leaflets to all households within the Greater Glasgow NHS Board area.

As reported at the last meeting, the Press Officer of the Health Board contacted staff within the Board, Trusts, Hospitals, Clinics and Health Centres to see if they had received the summary leaflet at their home address. This information, detailed by postcode area, was collated and tabulated and presented to a representative of Scotmail as further evidence of our growing concern at the distribution arrangements. As a result of that meeting Scotmail were asked to survey the particular areas within the Board’s area where high levels of non-delivery were highlighted by our staff. The survey was undertaken over four days by Scotmail and further tested by a senior management representative of the organisation re-visiting specific previously surveyed areas. The outcome of that survey, which was undertaken some six weeks after the delivery of the summary leaflet, indicated that up to 75% of people recalled receiving the leaflet, up to 16% couldn’t remember and 8% indicated they had not received it. Each person spoken to as part of the survey was asked to sign for the reply and the detailed signing sheets have been made available to the Head of Board Administration.

As the perception at public meetings and other anecdotal evidence that the distribution arrangements have not all been what the Board would have wished, Scotmail have been asked, not only to present the information formally to the Head of Board Administration, but also to give an indication of a possible reduction in the charge or consider submitting an alternative proposal to the Board.

In light of the concerns that have been expressed to us about the distribution arrangements we have ensured that all those attending any of our public meetings have been given a copy of the summary leaflet and we have also sent 30 copies to each GP practice, dental surgery, pharmacist and optician within the Board’s area for their waiting areas. We have also provided additional copies at hospital entrances, out-patient departments, some in-patient departments and also libraries. We have tried to ensure as best as possible that our proposals have been accessible and available to as many members of the public as possible. It is also available on our website and available, on request, via our Freepost address, or contacting the Health Board itself.

6. Advisory Leaflets

The 21 specific advisory leaflets continue to be requested by members of the public and others and the three most requested leaflets have been the Detailed Options for the Southside, the Planning Challenge and Regional Services.

7. Telephone Line

The Telephone Enquiry Line set up on 0800 85 85 85 peaked at about 70 calls per day, however, recently has dropped to just a couple of calls per day. Therefore the line has been suspended for the time being and the message which callers receive is that they can contact the Head of Board Administration for any information or write to the Board at its Freepost address if information/documentation is required.

8. Website

The website continues to be accessed regularly with over 580 hits in the last four weeks.

Further update will be provided to the July Board meeting and should include a copy of the 3rd Newsletter.

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