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  1. In April, 2000 Greater Glasgow NHS Board (GGNHSB) embarked on a formal consultation about how best to reshape Glasgow’s hospital services. We had five aims:
  1. modern facilities for a better patient experience.
  2. creating larger specialist teams of doctors in order to assure more continuous availability of specialists and to tackle new requirements governing the working hours of senior and junior (trainee) doctors.
  3. maintaining local access for as much as possible.
  4. creating a pattern of hospital services that made sense across Glasgow as a whole.
  5. levering in major capital investment in a way that was affordable.
  1. A comprehensive range of 22 leaflets was published setting out the proposals, background information and detail. Annex 1 lists them. Cross-references to them are made in the text of this paper. A large number of public and staff meetings were held. Similarly there were discussions with the City Council, other local authorities whose populations use Glasgow hospitals, the Local Health Council, Glasgow University, neighbouring Health Boards, MSPs, the Scottish Ambulance Service, Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive and other interested parties. Press coverage was extensive. Annex 2 to this paper itemises the consultation activity in detail.
  2. This report describes the nature of responses we have received, reflects on their implications and suggests what response the Health Board might now make.
  3. This response to consultation should itself be the subject of further consultation throughout October and November with the Health Board finally reviewing the position at its meeting on 19th December, 2000.


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