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  1. In its response, the North Glasgow Trust has drawn to our attention the separate consideration which they have been giving to the future of the Glasgow Dental Hospital and School. Representatives from Dental Hospital and School staff, Glasgow University, Greater Glasgow Health Council, Postgraduate Education, and the Chief Dental Officer have been involved in discussion.
  1. The status quo is not an option. The services provided at present from the Glasgow Dental Hospital and School will almost certainly have to move from their present site in Sauchiehall Street. Structural problems in this building have been identified. An option appraisal has indicated that any solution to these structural problems raises major affordability and practical operational problems.

The objectives of the review of the Dental Hospital and School needed to address clinical and educational issues:

Clinical   Educational

How to improve patient service by:

  1. reconfiguring clinics to gain more effective care.
  2. increasing chair efficiency through multi-use clinics.
  3. redesigning A & E Dental services and introducing one stop services.
  4. introducing new technology (e.g. teledentistry).
  5. developing local referral services.
  6. reconfiguring production laboratories.

i) How to accommodate the additional BDS year taking place in clinics.

ii) How to increase outreach for fifth year students.

iii) how to introduce a screening clinic to ensure the suitability of referrals to student clinics.

  1. The review produced a short list of six options.
  1. Do minimum (repairs only) on current site.
  2. Repair, refurbish and reconfigure the tower block, decanting from the old block.
  3. Two possible sites for relocation at the Western Infirmary.
  4. Share of the New Build planned at Gartnavel.
  5. New Build at Stobhill.
  6. Share of the New Build planned at Southern General\Southside.
  1. A workshop was held to identify the criteria for assessing these options. A further workshop involving staff, staff representatives, representatives from the Health Board, health Council and Chief Dental Officer was held to assess them. Some of the options were deemed unsatisfactory by those involved in the workshop.
1. Do minimum on current site Both these options incur high costs, severe disruption, absence of real functional and structuralimprovement and high maintenance costs.
2. Refurbish current site
3. Relocation at the Western The uncertainty surrounding the long-term future of Infirmary this site rules this out.
6. New Build in the South

A transfer to a different organisation at the same time as relocating the service adds avoidable complexity. The alternatives offer greater potential for patient benefit by enabling interaction with Oncology and Cardiology.

  1. This left relocation to Gartnavel or Stobhill. Further work needs to be done on developing these options. In the meantime GGNHSB and the Trust would welcome feedback on the issues. In due course a formal consultation process will need to be pursued.


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