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  1. Some of the issues and propositions emerging from the consultation require decision at the end of the consultation process. Others are issues which would be addressed during subsequent detailed planning and the development of Outline Business Cases. In this section we set out which issues would be pursued in which way.
  2. Issues which we believe will require Health Board decision in December, 2000 are as follows:
  1. that there should be a single in-patient hospital on the Southside of Glasgow (a South Glasgow University Hospital).
  1. that this will entail transferring in-patient services from the Victoria Infirmary to the new South Glasgow University Hospital.
  2. that the Southern General campus should be the site for the South Glasgow University Hospital subject to confirmation in the option appraisal to be conducted as part of the Outline Business Case process.
  3. that in implementing the 1996 Ministerial agreement to close the Western Infirmary and transfer services to Gartnavel, GGNHSB will be commissioning a Minor Injuries service there, while Accident and Emergency Services would be provided at the GRI and South Glasgow University Hospital.
  1. confirming also that the role of Gartnavel will comprise:
    1. the early implementation of the following transfers of in-patient services:
  • centralise in-patient gynaecology from Victoria and Gartnavel to SGH in 2001.
  • centralise Southside in-patient haemato-oncology at Victoria in 2001.
  • centralise Southside in-patient breast surgery at Victoria in 2001.
  • centralise Southside in-patient vascular surgery at SGH in 2001.
  • transfer in-patient orthopaedics from Stobhill to GRI in 2001.
  • transfer in-patient gynaecology from Stobhill to GRI by or in 2002.
  • transfer in-patient orthopaedics from Western\Gartnavel to GRI when facilities are available.
  • transfer in-patient ENT and Ophthalmology from Stobhill to Gartnavel in 2001\2.
  • transfer in-patient urology from Stobhill to GRI and Gartnavel by or in 2003.
  • transfer of in-patient cardiothoracic services from GRI to the Western Infirmary as an intermediate step to transferring the whole service to Gartnavel. To be achieved as soon as space becomes available at the Western Infirmary.
  1. agreement in principle to transfer general medicine and general surgery from Stobhill to the GRI (some to Gartnavel) within seven years but to require further local consultation in due course to confirm that the implementation arrangements meet the tests of adequacy.
  1. A number of issues would be pursued through the next stages of detailed local planning and preparation of Outline Business Cases. They include:
    1. continuing planning for the Ambulatory Care Centres at Stobhill and the Victoria Infirmary.
    2. seeking a faster move to Gartnavel for the Beatson Oncology Centre.
    3. discussions with Strathclyde Passenger Transport Executive, bus companies and other interests to secure improvements in public transport and related issues.
    4. discussions with SIPS, LHCCs and others about strengthening extended primary care services in those parts of the Greater Glasgow area most distant from hospital facilities (Clydebank, East End\Easterhouse, Rutherglen, Cambuslang, Castlemilk, Drumchapel and Kirkintilloch).
    5. continuing examination of the planning issues concerning future major investment in Children’s Hospital services and the future of the Dental Hospital and School, leading in due course to preparation of formal consultation material.
  2. Work to commence consultation about the future of maternity services is well advanced and will be published soon.
  3. The strategy agreed by the Health Board in December, 2000 will be submitted to the Scottish Executive for consideration, including endorsement of Health Board decisions as appropriate.


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