Modernising Glasgow's Acute Hospital Services
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Advisory Leaflets

On-line versions of the Advisory Leaflets are listed below and can be viewed by clicking the appropriate button next to the title.

There are 2 formats for viewing: standard HTML / web page format and PDF format.

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Actual printed copies of the leaflets can be obtained from the following address by sending your name and address (including full post code) and listing the leaflets required.

Acute Services Review
Greater Glasgow NHS Board
Glasgow G3 8BR

Or fax it on 0141-201-4426.


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Summary Booklet

1. The Patient’s Experience

2. Getting it right for patients : what it means for organising services

3. Cancer Services : Specialisation in action

4. Why Specialisation matters – and what we propose to do to make its benefits more available

5. Creating more responsive Accident and Emergency Services

6. Ambulatory Care : What is it?

7. Minimally Invasive Technologies: Keyhole Surgery and the like

8. The overall planning challenge for Greater Glasgow – Acute Hospitals in a wider context

9. Some Recent Background History

10. Impact of regulations on doctor’s working hours

11. The number of beds we propose to provide

12. Regional Services provided by Glasgow Hospitals

13. Why teaching and research matters

14. Staffing matters

15. How the finance works

16. Detailed analysis of the options for South Glasgow

17. Maternal and Child Health

18. Better access for West Glasgow residents

19. The GRI\Stobhill partnership

20. Why centralise cardiothoracic surgery?

21. Radiotherapy: Linear Accelerators – A Patient’s Guide

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