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5th June, 2001.





Dear Colleague,





You may recall that throughout the process of consulting on the configuration of acute services in Glasgow we have consistently pointed to the need to deal urgently with some problems affecting the ability to provide safe orthopaedic cover at Stobhill.


We have been sensitive to the possibility that people who support the retention of acute in-patient services at Stobhill would regard the concentration of in-patient orthopaedic services at the GRI as the thin end of the wedge. In an ideal world it would have been desirable to defer a decision on orthopaedics until the outcome of the larger option appraisal in the autumn. However, the orthopaedic surgeons have insisted that the present arrangements are not acceptable, either in terms of impact on their working patterns or the risks to patient safety.


We are therefore consulting about how best to deal with the problems of orthopaedics in North-East Glasgow. Our paper does however explain (in section 7) why the solution to these problems do not prejudice the wider option appraisal on hospital futures due to get under way later in the summer.


Since the proposal has been in the public domain, in some detail, since last September and the problem is urgent, we are suggesting a consultation period of 8 weeks.


I enclose a copy of the consultation paper which I hope will provide sufficient information to allow everyone to understand the issues.


Section 8 of the paper sets out the arrangements by which people may make comments.


Yours faithfully,




C.J. Spry

Chief Executive







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